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A special thanks to past and current members of the Alaska C-PACE Advisory Group for their time and dedication supporting the AK C-PACE effort:

Nils Andreassen, Alaska Municipal League
Erin Baca, Municipality of Anchorage
Tom Benkert
Katie Berry, McDowell Group
Kevin Campbell, Building Owners and Managers Association
Virginia Castro, U.S. Department of Energy
Jessa Coleman, PACE Financial Servicing
Brandy Dixon, Alaska Energy Authority
Brendon Doyle, Alaska Growth Capital
Willy Dunne, Kenai Peninsula Borough
Louie Flora, The Alaska Center
Jim Fowler, Energy Audits of Alaska
Penny Gage, UAA Center for Economic Development
Rebecca Garrett, Alaska Energy Authority
Eric Havelock, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
Rob Hill, Genesis Energy Systems
Lauren MacVay, True North Federal Credit Union
Michael Martin, Northrim Bank
Shaina Kilcoyne, Municipality of Anchorage
Dan Lesh, McDowell Group
Melanie Lucas-Conwell, Municipality of Anchorage
Amber McDonough, Siemens
Richard McKinstry, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
Alec Mesdag, Alaska Electric Light and Power
Dave Messier, Tanana Chiefs Conference
John Moosey, Matsu Borough
Stephanie Nowers, Matsu Borough
TW Patch, Alaska Energy Authority
Jeff Rogers, City and Borough of Juneau
Chris Rose, Renewable Energy Alaska Project
Jeffrey San Juan, Alaska Energy Authority
Chris Schutte, Municipality of Anchorage
Genevieve Sherman, PACE Financial Servicing
Alexander Sliva, Municipality of Anchorage
Brittany Smart, Fairbanks North Star Borough
Lori Sowa, City and Borough of Juneau
Jomo Stewart, Invest Fairbanks
Stephen Trimble, Arctic Solar Ventures
Julie Woodworth, Alaska Growth Capital