Alaska C-PACER Program Platform

The Alaska C-PACER program (“AK C-PACER”) is a C-PACER program administrative platform – including all requisite template documents to establish and operate a C-PACER program – that any eligible municipality in Alaska can adopt.

AK C-PACER was designed with three principles in mind:


The Alaska legislature enabled C-PACER in 2017. Since property taxes are collected at the local level, the law requires that local legislation also be passed to take advantage of C-PACER financing. The AK C-PACER program allows first- and second-class boroughs and their legal equivalents in Alaska to adopt the AK C-PACER administrative platform at no cost.


The AK C-PACER administrative platform has been designed to be simple for municipalities to adopt and administer, enabling scalability and promoting the growth of C-PACER across Alaska.


The AK C-PACER administrative platform allows for the implementation of one set of clearly defined rules across the state. Uniformity in guidelines for determining C-PACER eligibility and documentation for creating a C-PACER assessment instills confidence in capital providers, property owners, mortgage lenders, appraisers, contractors, and other parties participating C-PACER funded projects.

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