Publication of AK C-PACE Website and Program Handbook

Over the last several months, the Alaska Energy Authority, a facilitator for Alaska C-PACE, and PACE Financial Servicing collaborated on the creation of a website for Alaska C-PACE. This website will serve as a resource for information on C-PACE in Alaska and is intended to be used by all Alaskan stakeholders, including property owners, government officials, contractors, and capital providers. With information including the structure of C-PACE, the history of C-PACE legislation in Alaska, and templates of the legal documents required to establish a C-PACE program, the website will serve as an introduction to C-PACE and as an avenue for interested stakeholders to learn more about local programs. As C-PACE grows in Alaska, the website will be updated with links to the websites of municipal C-PACE programs.

Near the end of July, a draft of the Alaska C-PACE Program Handbook was completed by the PFS staff and shared with members of the Municipality of Anchorage and the Alaska Energy Authority; it is now published on the Alaska C-PACE website for public review. The Program Handbook is intended to assist municipalities in Alaska in developing local C-PACE programs, and includes a description of C-PACE legislative requirements, form copies of requisite program documents, a description of eligible projects, and more. By drafting and sharing the Program Handbook, AEA and PFS hope to inform municipal government officials about the benefits of C-PACE financing, to facilitate the development of local programs, and to promote C-PACE financing throughout the state.

The Alaska C-PACE Program Handbook is now available for public review here.